Workshop Update: “Badger Badges Badgee(s)”

With great pleasure, we announce our second confirmed workshop:

“Badger Badges Badgee(s)”
Friday, May 24, 3:30-5:00 PM
Theresa Horstman and Sean Fullerton

 It seems like more communities are interested in using badges to mark people’s skills and accomplishments. In this session we’ll share an overview of badges being used in educational settings and informal learning environments. We’ll include a short description of the systems available (such as Mozilla Open badges). As a group we’ll discuss examples of achievement and badging systems in a broad range of video games and consider how these are taken up in other contexts. During our discussion we’ll cover some main perspectives related to badges (and gamification in general) such as Bogost, McGonigal, Halavais, and Deterding. Plus, badge making activity included!

Web_2_0_Graphics__badges_by_tycityTheresa Horstman is a doctoral candidate in Learning Sciences at the University of Washington, U.S.A.  She received her B.A. with a focus in philosophy from The Evergreen State College and her M.Ed. from the University of Washington.   Her interests include comparative analysis of video game and e-learning design methodologies and the correlation between the metaphoric process and creative process in designing instruction for virtual environments.  Theresa is also one of the organizers of THATCamp Epic Play and the Keywords for Video Game Studies graduate interest group at UW.

Sean Fullerton is a doctoral student in the UW Information School. His teaching experience includes years as an elementary school librarian, a middle school math teacher, and teaching high school English online. His interests include the design and social implications of technologies that let young people document skills and accomplishments and access learning opportunities beyond traditional school settings.


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