Workshop Update: “Digital Game-Making for Non-Programmers”

Hope everyone is looking forward to THATCamp Epic Play 2013!  Here is the first of our confirmed workshops:

“Digital Game-Making for Non-Programmers”
Friday, May 24, 3:30-5:00 PM
merritt kopas

Game-making tools are more accessible than ever, opening up game authorship to non-professionals and people without programming backgrounds. I n this workshop, we’ll discuss why you might want to make a game and work through the process of creating one using Twine, a hypertext-based authoring program.  Participants should bring a laptop or browser-enabled tablet and will come away with a finished game as well as a sense of the range of tools and options available to hobbyist game makers.

merritt kopas is a game designer and artist who creates games dealing with themes of transgression, bodies, and violence.  She holds an MA in Sociology from the University of Washington and her game LIM was named in several best indie games of 2012 lists.  merrit is also one of the organizers of THATCamp Epic Play and the Keywords for Video Game Studies graduate interest group at UW.

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